A Simple Spring Wreath

I love seasonal home décor. There’s something about having my home reflect the time of year that just makes me happy. Maybe it makes me a bit nostalgic for those early fun filled school days where daily lessons and activities revolved around the calendar.  Having no children and working 7:00 am-4:30 pm days in my hamster wheel cubicle means I miss a lot of what used to be special about the changing seasons. I work through all but the most major of holidays. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for crafting little leprechauns or bunnies or even getting out much during the typical vacation times.  I’m working on making better use of my weekends, but until I can carve out more time during the daylight hours, it’s really nice to come home to a house that just looks like spring, or summer, or whatever the season may be.

And right now, it’s Spring. Spring is usually pretty short around here, especially the good part of it. The first month is generally rain filled and dreary, but we’re all so glad to say goodbye to the cold weather, we don’t mind to much. But then comes a few weeks or so of sunny and 70 degree weather that makes it, quite literally, painful to force yourself into an office building.  And then it’s suddenly 96 degrees outside and everyone goes to hiding in whatever air-conditioned space they can find. Welcome to the South, friends.

In the hopes of wrangling that wonderful spring feeling, though, I decided to make a new wreath. It’s really simple, but also really cute.

This only took about $6 and thirty minutes, and that includes letting the hot glue gun heat up.


Hot glue gun and glue: already on hand (Dollar Tree usually has a set, though, and if not Wal-Mart has the hook-up for cheap.)
Simple wreath: Jo-Ann’s – $3.00
Silk flowers: Wal-mart – $3.00

I was shocked to find the wreath for so cheap, to be honest. The exact same wreath, already decorated with flowers, was over $40 at the same store!

Also worth noting, if you have a Dollar Tree or Wal-mart or other store that sells silk flowers,  a lot of times you can ask if they will sell you the blooms that have fallen off. They usually get collected and thrown away. A lady at our Dollar Tree actually gives them to me for free just so she doesn’t have to deal with them. Back when our Wal-mart still had a craft department (times, they are a-changing, sadly) they sold really big bags of the scattered, assorted blossoms for $1 each. There are so many things you can do with these things! But first, the wreath.


The flowers are certainly nothing special, either. I liked the little bunches so I pulled them off and separated the flowers out.


I laid out the flowers before I glued the down to make sure I liked the placement. I wanted them to look like they were blowing and swirling around the wreath.


I adjusted the placement as I glued them down until I was happy with everything. It’s super simple, but it will keep my door looking inviting and pretty for several months without being out of season.

And there you go. Not much to it, but I was happy with out it turned out. What do you think? Do you have any fun seasonal projects to help you bring some joy and happy into your home?

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