Welcome to My Mad, Mad World


Hi there! Welcome to Searching for Wonderland! I’m Stacey, your wayward soul searcher on her very own trip down the rabbit hole. I was the creative 20-something who thought a college degree and a dream were all she needed to find her very own Wonderland of a life. The problem is that I grew up to become a 30-something smack-dab in the middle of my very own cubicle, miles away from where I thought I’d be. Don’t get me wrong, there have been some fantastic parts of this journey, but there were a few wrong turns. Or maybe I just stopped making turns at all, or even moving forward, really. But it’s time to find those dreams I lost sight of, and I think I just caught sight of a fluffy white bunny disappearing around that turn…

With this cozy little corner of cyber-space, I hope to share some of my trials and triumphs as I try to find my happy place, my Wonderland, if you will. This life is a crazy ride and I’ve often spent more time just drifting with the current rather than directing my own sails. I’m a crafter and an artist, so I’ll be sharing a lot of my endeavors in those areas, as well as some of my own observations of life. I also love to travel whenever possible, so look forward to some of those tales as well, both past and future.

I’m not an awesome homemaker mom with a never ending supply of Martha-quality craft projects or ready-in-minutes meal ideas to wow a crowd of thousands. I don’t have any kids (picture perfect or otherwise.) I’m just a (very) small town girl with a lot of life to figure out. I do have a fantastic husband and crazy awesome crafty mom. I have two ferrets and two cats. I love finding new recipes to try out and share (and that includes when I fail miserably! I have to tell you about the time I filled the entire house with smoke trying to fix a fancy Valentine’s day dinner!) and I have a (currently catastrophically messy) craft room full of potential awesomeness, or awesome terribleness should things not go as planned. Because I’ve learned that life doesn’t always go as planned. And that’s ok. 🙂

So if you don’t mind someone who’s hopelessly imperfect but trying to dig her way through to that light at the end of the rabbit hole (it seems to turn off from time to time, but, hey, just keep swimming hopping, right?) I happily and whole-heartedly invite you to grab your maddest of hats and join me for some adventure! We’ll search for Wonderland together!


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